2018’s Top 4 Water Filter Systems

One of the things that a lot of people have considered is getting a water filtration system for their home. The problem is that they don’t know which one they should choose since there are so many different ones available on the market. Below are the top four water filter systems that you can buy in 2018 and what they have to offer.

APEC Top Tier Filter

APEC Top Tier Water System

When you want something that will wipe out the impurities that are in your water, one of the best systems that you can use is the APEC top Tier Filter. This system is American made and gets rid of 99% of those contaminants in the water such as lead, copper, arsenic and a lot more. This system is reverse osmosis, and this means that it will force the water through the filter’s membranes to remove the impurities.

After you have installed the system at the sink in your kitchen you’re going to love the fact that you don’t have to stock up on the replacement filters immediately since 3 out of the system’s five filters only need replacing after six months, and you only have to replace the other two every 2-3 years. Your unit will come with a chrome faucet that’s lead free to make drinking water easily. There are two settings on the faucet – the first one turns your tap on if you’re pressing the button and this is great for filling up glasses. The other setting provides you with a continuous and steady water stream until its turned off. This is ideal for filling up water bottles and pots. Another thing that you will love about it is that it comes with leak-free fittings. These ensure you’re not going to be wiping up spilled water anytime you’re using it.

Unlike the portable filters, you do have to install this system. But if you’ve got enough room beneath the sink to fit its filters along with room upon your sink for another tap, it’s pretty easy to install and will only take around 30 minutes.

APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter – Alkaline

APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter - Alkaline

The APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter is another great filter system. Not only will it remove the contaminants from your drinking water, but it also will add minerals to the water. With its suggested RF-1050 replacement cartridges (alkaline), which will adjust water’s pH level with calcite, this filter will remove heavy metals, odors, chlorine, and chloramines. It can also control microorganisms. The types of minerals it will put back into the water are potassium, calcium, and magnesium. You have to change the filter after you’ve filtered 1,500 gallons. Since the housing is standard sized, you also can use different other filter types.

This unit is for the countertop. However, it will connect to your faucet at its nozzle using its flexible tube which fills your filter unit. Then the unit dispenses your filtered water. This system will be easier for you to install when compared with the under-sink units and you won’t have to refill it like those pour-over pitchers or countertop units. The disadvantage is that the tube isn’t beautiful and it can get in your way when you’re using your sink if you leave it dangling from your faucet.

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter System

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter System

Do you like having a water filter, but you don’t want to replenish your pitcher constantly? This system is a great choice for you. This attachment for your faucet is going to filter the water for you easily. Simply install it and then forget its there. You’ll have filtered water every time.
The filter that is included can remove more than 70 various contaminants, which includes

  • 99% of lead
  • 96% of mercury
  • 92% of specific pesticides

Brita® 10-Cup Grand Pitcher

Brita® 10-Cup Grand Pitcher

The water’s filtered over a core made of minerals which will add a clean, refreshing and crisp flavor to your filtered water. You will know that your filter needs to be changed when the integrated light goes on. Each of the filters is able to handle as many as 100 gallons, and this means that they last 2-3 months in the average household. The filter has a horizontal and sleek design that you’re going to love.

This updated model is an improvement over the past models since the connector is leakproof, the grip is improved, and the battery life is 60% better. Since it will attach to your faucet’s end, you can’t use it with a pullout faucet.

There are sometimes when you simply want an inexpensive and simple way that you can purify your water. That’s why a lot of people choose water pitchers. It’s a great choice because it will clean the water without you having to install anything on the sink. This particular pitcher is able to hold 10 cups, plus it will reduce the odor and taste of things like mercury, cadmium, copper and chlorine. This doesn’t just impact the taste of the water but your health as well. You have to change the filter around every two months or 40 gallons. The pitcher has a sticker on its top so that you can know when the filter needs replacing. You get a filter with the pitcher’s purchase, but they can also be bought in packs of 3 for under $15.
There are people who have had some issues with the pitcher leaking when they put it in their fridge. However, people have said that you shouldn’t fill the pitcher to its top and that can help. One of the best things about the pitcher is that since it’s in the refrigerator, it’s going to be really cold water along with tasting good.

When you are looking for a water filter system, you want to think about how much space you have, what you’re looking for and what you expect from the system. Chances are that one of these systems will give you the results that you want – water that tastes better and that is healthier for you!