Well Pumps

House, Well, & Booster Pumps Southwest Florida

We take it for granted that when we turn on the faucets in our home water will come out. But with so many residents on well water here in Southwest Florida it isn’t always the case. And when we don’t have water it’s often a problem with a pump.

Well Pumps

Whether the water is for your lawns Irrigation or feeding the water system for your home if you are getting water out of the ground you have a well pump. Some are above ground but most are installed down the well, submerged under the water. The depths vary by location based on the water table. For instance, the well pumps in San Carlos Park might only be 20 to 30 feet deep but the ones in Cape Coral need to be 120 feet down. The pressure switch and pressure tank above groundwork together to control the pump and bring the water up.

When it stops working, you have no water and it can be frustrating. At Aqua Care we are prepared with everything to replace a standard well pump in stock and on the trucks. We use Franklin Electric Brand pumps because they have the best motor in the business and offer the best warranty.

House Pumps

If you have an aerator as part of your water system you have two pumps. The well pump puts the water in the aerator but then you need another pump to get it out of the tank and into the home. We call this your house pump. Some are submersible like the well pump and they are installed in the aerator tank. Others are “jet” pumps and they sit on the concrete pad next to the aerator. When there is a problem with this pump you will have water from the well and in the aerator but nothing at the faucets in the home.

Each of Aqua Care’s service trucks is stocked with both of these types of house pumps to ensure we can get your water back on and running quickly.

Booster Pumps

Most of the time the city supplied water pressure in our homes is great. But certain factors like the size of the home, the way the fixtures are plumbed, or your home’s location in relation to the water main can leave you with lower pressure.

If your pressure just isn’t cutting it, let us know. We offer a variety of booster pumps for different circumstances. Let us help you pick the one that can safely increase the pressure and make you love your water again.

Pumps Southwest Florida

Aqua Care Water Treatment & Plumbing is the trusted plumbing company in Southwest Florida. We provide our well pump repair service to both Lee and Collier County, cities including Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Bonita Springs, & Naples, FL. We have a wide range of services tailored to solve your water treatment and plumbing needs. If you have any questions regarding well pumps, contact us today!