4 Possible Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Toilet


4 Possible Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Toilet

4 Possible Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Toilet

Many people think that they can keep a toilet indefinitely. But even though toilets will last forever it seems, there are times when you have to buy a new one.

There are times when it will reach its breaking point so that they have to be replaced. Here are some of the ways that you can tell that your toilet has reached the end of its life.

#1: It clogs a lot

A very common way that you can tell that your toilet has to be replaced is that it’s clogging a lot. This isn’t the occasional clog – that’s always going to happen. But it always seems like you’re having to plunge your toilet every flush, that may be a sign that you want to get a new one.

#2: It’s cracked

Since most of the toilets are made from porcelain, one of the major issues that people find is that their toilet bowl is cracked. It’s also common to have cracks in its lid, although those cracks are a lot easier to handle when compared to a damaged bowl. If you’re seeing cracks in your bowl, the toilet shouldn’t be used.

Feel the area below your toilet to see if it’s damp or if there’s any water damage. This means your toilet’s leaking. Cracks in your bowl could mean that sewage water’s going back into the home and this can hurt your health. If you’re discovering evidence of a leaking toilet, buy a new one immediately and talk to a contractor about fixing water damage.

#3:Leaks Internally

Even though leaks that allow the water to leave your toilet are going to be a major problem, there’s another problem you should watch for as well. That problem is internal leaks. Sometimes a toilet will let the water in the talk to drip into the bowl. If you’re hearing water hissing when you’re not using the toilet, this may mean Internal leaks.

A fairly easy way that you can know for certain if you’ve got one of these leaks is to open up your tank and drop in some food coloring. Put your tank lid back on and wait for ten minutes. If your bowl water’s colored, there’s a leak.

The good news is that it doesn’t always mean that you have to purchase a brand-new toilet. You may just need to replace your drain stopper. But if the damage’s too bad, it may mean a new toilet.

#4: Your toilet’s old

A final good reason to purchase an upgrade is to save some money. If you are connected to sewage or you are just concerned about the environment, a new toilet can save you a lot of water. A toilet should use only 1.6 gallons each flush and that is what the newer toilets use. Toilets before that used double that. Think about how long you have had your toilet and if it’s been since before 1992, it’s time for a new one.


These are some of the ways that you can know if you need a new toilet. Look over them and ask yourself if it’s time for you to get a new ‘throne’.

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