5 Signs Your Septic Tank Needs to be Emptied

If you have a septic system, you know that it can cause a lot of problems if it overflows. But how do you know if your tank needs to be emptied? Below are five signs that your septic tank is getting full or is full, and needs some attention.

1. Pooling Water

If you are seeing pools of water on the lawn around your septic system’s drain field, you could have an overflowing septic tank. When the tank gets to its full capacity, there could be solid waste clogging your drain field’s piping system and then forcing the liquid up to the top of the ground. So if you’re seeing a lot of water on your grass and it hasn’t rained, chances are that your system needs to be pumped.

2. Slow Drains

Drains that are moving slowly in the home might mean there’s a clog. But if they’re still slow even after you’ve unclogged them using a septic-friendly drain cleaner, your system could be full. This also goes for a toilet that flushes slowly.

3. Odors

Your septic system’s not only collecting your waste but the dirty water that’s coming from washing your dishes, washing clothes, showering, and doing other things. Along with that black water, the toilet sends down, this will create a smelly mixture that is very noticeable. If you are smelling something nasty, it might mean you have to empty your septic system before someone else complains.

4. A Really Healthy Lawn

The grass above your septic system should appear the same as all of your other grass. If it’s looking really lush and green in that certain area, this might mean that water is coming out of your system and it may be leaking or full.

5. Sewer Backup

This is the thing that can be the most obvious and the most damaging. Sewer backups are a true sign that you have to empty your tank. Look for backups in your home’s lowest drains, since that’s where they’ll show up first. If you notice something, immediately call someone for help.

The last thing you want is to put off emptying your septic tank, so if you notice any of these signs it’s a good idea to have someone come and service it. Otherwise, you may find that you are having a major problem as well as a major mess on your hands and everywhere else. So look for the signs and then have your septic tank emptied if you see any of them. If you wait, you will likely regret it.

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