5 Well Maintenance Tips

A lot of people have city water. But if you’re someone who has a well on your property, it’s important that you know what to do for proper well maintenance. Below are five tips that you can use to make sure that your well is working and that you’re drinking good water.

Check Your Well for Proper Construction and Installation

If you’re well is a victim of poor construction, you’re going to be in a bit of a jam. You want to determine whether you’re going to have problems because of the installation of the well.
There are a few things to check. First, the well’s casing should be kept with a concrete cover or sanitary seal that stands around a foot above the ground.

This concrete cover is going to keep surface water and unwanted pests out of your well. Next, you’re going to want to make sure the well has been installed at least 50 feet from the septic tank and a minimum of 100 feet from the drainage field of your septic system, even though this might be different based on your state regulations. Thirdly, the ground that surrounds your well should be sloping away from it so that water does not pool.

Clear the Spot Around the Well

It’s essential to keep the area that surrounds your well free from things like fertilizers, motor oil, general debris, and pesticides. These kinds of waste can contaminate the water in your Val if they’re stored or used close to the well.

Have Inspections Done of Your Well Regularly

You should be looking at your well closely at least one time per year, even when you know that you have a well constructed properly. As time goes on, things such as cracks can happen which will compromise you’re well’s integrity and your drinking water’s quality. You should get in contact with someone who does well inspections if a professional has not come out to inspect the well in more than three years or if you think that you may have an issue.

Close Off the Wells That You’re No Longer Using

Improperly abandoned wells will pose a real threat. The ones that aren’t sealed off often act as conduits for surface water which can contaminate your groundwater. If there’s a well that you are not using anymore, get in contact with a contractor who is licensed to sell it off before abandoning it.

Have Your Well Water Annually Tested

This is something that you should do even if you have a wall that was built properly, placed properly, and it’s passed all of its inspections. You should still test your water so that you know what it might contain. You can buy a water test at the store, but they’re not complete. However, they can be useful to screen your water initially, particularly if you know the things for which you are looking.

These are the things that you want to do to make sure that you well it’s working the way it should. Not only will it help ensure that you have fresh, clean drinking water, but it will also help you know ahead of time what kind of problems you may have before they become too big.