7 Reasons to Always Call a Plumber

Your plumbing usually is one thing that you don’t often think about. That is until you’ve waited too long. Most homeowners know how to use drain cleaner and plungers, but for the majority of them, that’s all they know how to do.

You should know the big warning signs that mean it’s time to call a plumber. You want to know the signs that your drain or pipe is clogged before it bursts or backs up, and when you should just bite the bullet and call your plumber. If you don’t take the right steps, you may end up spending a lot more money. Below are some of the biggest signs that you should give the professional plumber a call.

1. Gurgling

If you’re hearing gurgling anytime you run your dishwasher or washing machine, or when you’re using the toilet, this could mean that the drain is compromised or clogged.

If you’re hearing gurgling from the toilet when you’re not using it, it means the system’s trying to locate air and chances are that you have a backup.

If you’re hearing it when you’re running your dishwasher or washer, or while you take a shower, turn your water off right away so your system is not backing up into your house.

2. Hearing Water in the Toilet or Pipes

If you’re hearing water going through the pipes and no one is using water, it might mean that there is a leak. Check for any telltale brown or wet spots on your floors, walls, or ceilings. If you find a warm wet spot, chances are the leak is in the hot water. This is going to be very useful information to tell the plumber since he won’t take as much time to find the drip’s source. Another way to know that you have a leak is to check the water meter. If it’s spinning and no one is using water, turn your water heater’s valve off immediately so you can see if that noise ends and your meter stops spinning. If this happens, you’ve isolated your leak to your hot water.

If you are hearing water that is running in the toilet, you may just have to replace a damaged or worn flapper. This can be done on your own. However, if there is a hissing noise, chances are that you have tank components that are worn and you might want to just replace the whole thing to save money.

3. Your Water Pressure is Low

Sometimes your water pressure is low in your bathroom or kitchen sink because gunk has built up in the aerator of the faucet. When this happens, you can remedy it by just screwing your aerator off, cleaning off that gunk, and putting it back onto your faucet. However, if this doesn’t’ fix it, you could have a problem that is more serious. This could be a water line that is eroded, a pipe that is fractured, or there could be a leak. These issues will need a plumber.

4. Slow Draining Sink

If your sink in your bathroom and kitchen are taking longer than normal to drain, chances are that you want to call in the plumber so that they can get rid of your clog’s source. This goes for when you’ve noticed that your toilet, tub, or sink isn’t draining even after you’ve used a plunger or a drain product. This means you should call in the professional. When you try really hard, it can damage your pipes even more.

5. Frozen pipes

This is one problem that you shouldn’t wait on. When you have frozen pipes and it’s wintertime, this is when you should immediately call the plumber. Signs that your pipes are frozen include your water isn’t running, weird clanking noises when your tap’s turned on, sewage smells coming through your faucet, and visible moisture or frost on the pipes that are exposed.

You shouldn’t try thawing pipes on your own. This could lead to a crack or a complete bust. For preventing frozen pipes from happening, allow the faucets to drip some cold water anytime the temperature outside goes below freezing (especially while you’re sleeping). You should also leave the doors open to your sink’s cabinet so that warm air is able to circulate.

6. Sewage or Sulfur Odor

If you’re smelling something like rotten eggs, it could mean that one of your sewer pipes or vents is broken beneath the house. If you leave it unchecked, a broken pipe or vent can lead to issues with the environment and wreak some with the foundation of your house. Generally, it’s a good idea to call the plumber whenever you’re smelling something odd.

7. Smelling Gas

Anytime you are smelling gas, if you’re in one of the rooms in your home, running your dryer, in your yard or cleaning after you have had dinner, you need to make a call. This means that you have gas leaking somewhere.

Rather than calling the plumber, call the utility company immediately. Open up the windows and don’t use any of your appliances, since even when you turn on a light it can cause sparks and lead to an explosion.

You have to take action immediately. If there is gas leaking somewhere, your gas company is going to shut off the gas, then lock up the meter so you’re not going to be able to use any appliances until the system is repaired. But you might have just saved your life and the life of your family. That is how serious it is.

These are the seven times when you want to make sure that you are calling a plumber and not doing the repair on your own. If you don’t take the right steps immediately and you are trying to fix these problems on your own, it could wind up costing you a lot of money. If you don’t take action right away in the case of a gas leak, it could cost you your home and even your life. So make sure you’re calling the professionals to fix the problem.

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