3 Signs Your Home’s Water Filtration System Needs Replacing

If you have a system to filter your water, chances are that you want to know how you can tell if it’s breaking down. Below are three signs that your water filtration system’s nearing the end of its life and you’ll soon need to replace it.


When water isn’t filtered properly, it can have an unpleasant and peculiar smell. This odor usually means that the filter’s become clogged, inefficient, or dirty and it’s not safe to drink or use.
If your filtration system’s producing water that has a weird odor, it’s possible that it needs repairing, a part needs to be replaced, or you have to replace your entire system. If repairing it and replacing different parts isn’t fixing your issue, you have to buy an entirely new system.


It’s possible you’re noticing small amounts of debris, dirt, or scale in your water. This means that your water isn’t being totally filtered. If this is happening, it might mean that you need to replace the system.
You also should make sure that there isn’t a problem that can be easily corrected before you replace your whole system. Once you’ve made sure that the fault in the filtration system’s not easy to fix, it’s important to invest in one quickly. Don’t use or drink water that has any debris or dirt in it.


When your water filter is breaking down, it could start sounding labored just like an old water pump. When the system starts sounding strained, you want to think about getting a new one before the system completely breaks down.

These are three ways that you can gauge when you need to replace your home’s water filtration system. You want to have fresh and good water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing your clothes.  These factors will cause you to keep an eye on your system and know when to replace it.