Our Team

  • Larry Say


    Larry is a licensed plumber; however, he entered the water treatment business in the early 1990’S and started his own company in 2001. Since that time, he has obtained a Water Quality Association Certification and has purchased two companies to help in the growth of Aqua Care Water Treatment and Plumbing. Larry often says he has a short attention span and that’s why he likes the water treatment and plumbing business, as there are always new challenges and new solutions.

  • Clifton Say


    Clifton is also one of the owners of Aqua Care Water Treatment and Plumbing. In fact, these days Larry says Cliff does most of the heavy lifting. Clifton is a licensed plumber as well as an experienced water system and pump technician. Also, Cliff is a Licensed and Certified Back Flow Technician. He and his wife Jennifer are the proud parents of a rather ambitious 6-year-old son named Arlin.

  • Carol Say

    Carol currently works part time in the office at Aqua Care Water Treatment and Plumbing. She was the former office manager; in fact she has been there since Larry started his business back in 2001, and before, as she and Larry have been married since 1970. Carol structured and operated the office for 12 years until her retirement in 2014. Take a breather Carol – you deserve it!

  • Nannette Ingle

    Office Manager

    Nannette has extensive experience with office organization and in the accounting and HR departments. She has loved living in Florida for 19 years. Her hobbies are crocheting and 5K races and is active in community volunteer work. She is forever taking pictures of the sunset, flowers and fun times with friends. Nan is hooked on Starbucks along with her girlfriend “Brew Crew”. Look for her there after hours and say Hi!

  • Barbara Williams


    Barbara has been in Lee County 56 years. Her background in the auto and construction industry has given her the foundation for handling our permitting along with the bookkeeping duties. Barb enjoys walking her dog, Casey, cruising and traveling.

  • Manuel Rodriguez

    Plumbing Technician

    Manny has been a plumber in excess of 20 years. He is well versed in various types of plumbing systems, including drain cleaning and camera inspections. He is originally from New York, enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and working on his Corvette.

  • Nicholas Saliva

    Warehouse Manager

    Nick has been with Aqua Care Water Treatment and Plumbing for almost two years and is quickly learning as much as he can about the industry. He has a talent for all things mechanical and likes to find out why things work. As a pastime, Nick likes to fish and play basketball, however, not at the same time.

  • Mike Johnson


    Mike has been with Aqua Care as our Salt Route Manager for quite some time now and done exceptionally well. However, it’s time to move Mike and his Fantastic personality up the ladder.  So he is learning new skill sets to continue with Aqua Care in the capacity of a Service Technician. We anticipate Mike will excel in his new position as he continues to apply the same intelligence, enthusiasm, and concern for his customers as a technician that he did as our salt route manager.  Thanks Mike we look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

  • Jon Powell

    Plumbing Technician

    Jon is from Illinois and has worked part time with Aqua Care Water Treatment and Plumbing about 4 years. He was born and raised a plumber, as his father and all three brothers are plumbers. Jon speaks 3 languages and pursues a volunteer ministry the rest of the time. We call him Jon-The-Hit-Man, because when we tackle a large difficult project we call him to help get the job done. For the tough jobs dial 555-Hit-Man.

  • Rose Rivera

    Customer Service

    Rose is the newest addition to our staff and full of energy. She is proving to be an effective and energetic individual , although it may be due to a steady diet of Starbucks, Pepsi, and Pepperidge Farms cookies stuffed with chocolate. Either way she gets the job done very well – and habla Espanol. Thanks Rose!

  • Ryan Wilson


    Ryan is new to the water business; however, he has all of the qualities that will help him become a great technician. He has a curious mind, an eagerness to learn, and an aptitude for the mechanics and science of the water business. Watch as E=rc2 or energy equals Ryan times the speed of light squared.