4 Signs You May Need a New Well Pump

When you have a well in your business or home, you want to make sure that you always have water. This is why knowing when your well pump is working or not working is so important. There are four things that you want to look for, and these signs will let you know if you may need a new pump soon.

1. No Water

This is a major sign that you are having problems with your pump. From equipment breaking to a fuse that’s blown, there may be a few reasons why there is no water coming from the well. Sometimes it will be easy to fix and there are other times when it means that your pump needs repairing or replacement. Usually, it will be easy for a professional to look at your situation and decide whether it’s because of your pump or you have another problem. You want to call someone who’s professional and who can give you an answer either way.

2. Decreased Water Pressure

This can be another sign that you may need a new pump. This issue’s commonly fixed above the ground because of issues with your pressure tank. If you have a hole in your tank, it’s going to decrease the water’s force that is being pushed out. This means you’ll need a repair. Another common reason for this is low underground water volume. If this is the case, there could be pipes that need to be cleaned so that water’s pumping better. Even though this issue might not be connected to the pump, it’s part of the supply system.

3. Air Spitting

If you’re turning on a faucet and there is air spitting from it, it’s another possible sign you’re having issues with the well. This might not be due to the pump. Sometimes this can mean there is the air that is entering the supply system of your water from a leaky pipe. This means that your pipe might have to be replaced or repaired. Another reason that this could be happening is the pressure tank has an issue, and it could need repairing or replacing.

4. Dirty Water

This is another big sign that the pump in your well is having issues. When your water is dirty, it might be because you have a pump that’s too large for the well. It also could be that the pump’s into your well too far and it’s bringing in sand and dirt. A professional can detect and repair either of these reasons.

You want to schedule a routine maintenance check of the good pump and well so that you know everything is working the way that it should. When you fail to understand that you have a problem and repair it in a timely manner often leads to costly, unnecessary damage. These signs are just a few of the warnings that you could have a problem with. The sooner you have someone come and look at your well, the better chance you have of having clear delicious water and avoiding bigger issues in the future.