1. How about that indoor plumbing?

    We love our indoor plumbing. From the bathhouses of the ancient Roman Empire to the invention of flush toilets and central sewer treatment plants introduced in the late 1700 to early 1800s, down to the modern industrial era, Plumbing has evolved and overall increased the quality of our lives.  At the same time, it has… Read More

  2. Demystifying The Typical Water Test

    What are we testing for and what do the results mean? As water treatment professionals we routinely test water to see if the water treatment equipment in place is working as it should, or if it is the right type of equipment for the water chemistry, or to see what type of equipment is appropriate… Read More

  3. Is Water Treatment Needed for Iron in Your Drinking Water?

    Pure water has no taste, but water is a natural solvent. Most minerals from groundwater, including iron, will be absorbed by water. Most of us don’t like even the idea of iron or an metal in our drinking water. It would be natural to jump the conclusion that you need water quality testing and a… Read More

  4. Safe Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention

    Safe Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention

    Most people do not know what backflow prevention is or why it is important. In Florida, we routinely pass backflow prevention devices as we drive down the road, and may not be aware of them. So what is a backflow prevention device and why should I care? Everybody that has indoor plumbing obtains their water… Read More

  5. Home Water Treatment vs. Bottled Water – The Final Argument

    Home Water Treatment vs. Bottled Water – The Final Argument

    While I’ve been on this rant about bottled water, it’s been pointed out to me that many people prefer bottled water because of its taste. Well, as any water treatment professional would tell you, the taste of all water has to do with the way it is treated and the quality of its source, including… Read More